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Meditate for good health!

We hear so much about meditation. What is it? Why should we do it?
How do we do it?

“One definition of meditation is training your mind to focus on the
present moment rather than obsessing about past or future,” says
Leanne Oldenbrook, owner of C MYoga (

“We spend so much time regretting the past or worrying about the
future that we miss the good things happening right now,”
Oldenbrook said.   She says the health benefits of stress reduction
through meditation are well documented: control pain of chronic
diseases like arthritis, improve immune function, lower blood pressure,
and restore balance to sufferers of depression, to mention just a few.

“Regular practice can even affect your personality by changing brain
function, resulting in feeling happier and more enthusiastic about
life,” says Oldenbrook.

There are many ways to meditate, she says. “To begin, take time to
move the body — meditate after a walk or yoga, for instance. Sit
quietly with your spine long, close your eyes, relax your body,
breathe slowly and naturally and let your mind be free of thoughts.
Don’t worry about doing it right; when thoughts come back, notice
them but go back to your breath.”

The eight-week session will demonstrate a variety of meditation
styles and postures, from seated in a chair to lying on the floor.

Call Oldenbrook at 864-1194 or e-mail
for more information. C M Yoga is dedicated to bringing the
benefits of yoga and meditation to all ages and fitness levels.


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