Oasis Yoga and Wellness

Yoga, Meditation, Fitness and Wellness Programs Designed to Refresh and Restore Body, Mind, and Spirit….

My mission is to introduce you to the benefits of yoga and meditation through the instruction of a gentle style of hatha yoga. Classes are suitable for everyone – yoga beginners, yoga veterans, athletes with a desire to improve flexibility, and anyone at any age or fitness level who wants to stretch, strengthen, and relax at a gentle pace.

With a gentle approach, you will see positive results in strength, flexibility, and mental attitude without causing strain, injury, or added stress to your body.

Classes include progressive body relaxation, pranayama, warm-up postures, classic yoga postures, and meditation instruction and practice.

Students with physical limitations or injuries are welcome; modifications to postures and the use of props customize classes to student needs.

For those who want a more vigorous practice, Gentle Power Yoga Flow Classes include vinyasa, pilates to strengthen the core, and time to warm up and cool down.

Call Leanne Oldenbrook at 716-864-1194 or email crescmnyoga@yahoo.com for more information.